About this series

Select images from this series were exhibited at Eat Paint Studio in Chicago, IL.

In “Jarabe Tapatío Dancers, Monterrey, Mexico,” the viewer is transported to another place and time. A courtship dance, photographed against the baroque Spanish architecture of the Palacio del Obispado, represents the woman first rejecting the man’s advances, then eventually accepting them (ah, true love). An expanse of aged stone steps flanked by two black clad figures lead us up toward a swirling costumed dancer framed by white stone columns. The black void of an arched doorway and empty windows pull at our gaze while the suited male dancers anchor us in the frame, creating a space for the coquettish female character to show her desire to be free, while also charming her captors.

“It’s like a song,” says Steiner of how he composes an image. “The elements all have to come together – available light, a look or gesture. It coalesces into something else, suggesting a different meaning. That depth of looking – is subversive because it makes us think.”

via Eat Paint Studio

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